CLIENT: Jordan Kouzmanoff

DATE: 06-10-2017

CATEGORY: 2D Motion Graphics

Project Brief

In September 2017. we began our successful cooperation with Jordan Kouzmanoff from Business Casual , a popular You Tube channel that publishes videos about famous companies history. Our studio was first involved in creating video about K-Mart, once huge american chain, now at the verge of bankruptcy. 

At the time, Business Casual had their videos on a white background and story was told using animated images, text and illustrations. While the concept worked for them, we at “Allegra" were thinking how videos felt empty and elements on screen disconnected. 


In next few weeks, while working on other Business Casual videos, we also developed a new video concept that used full screen images with different effects applied to them like parallax, cut out composites, 3D renders, depth of field and various seamless transitions. There was a lot more time invested in it compared to regular videos but it felt that it was worth it. We were just waiting for the right opportunity to present it to Jordan.

With unfortunate passing of Hugh Hefner, we were tasked to create a special video beside our regular schedule that would honor him and cover his life before and during Playboy. That was our window to show the concept to Jordan and convince him to pass it as “special edition" to his viewers. That way, if it wouldn’t work out we could harmlessly fall back to old concept. 

Luckily, the concept was well accepted and all of the future videos were to be made by it. 


While we’re not involved in creating Business Casual You Tube videos any more, the channel kept our initial concept and its videos have thousands of views with steady stream of new viewers subscribing. We still work with Jordan on other fields, like his SkillShare course about stock market and, of course, watch every new video on his You Tube channel. And for all of you reading this, here is the video that started “the design revolution" of Business Casual.


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