CLIENT: Agrokor for Frikom

DATE: 15-02-2017

CATEGORY: Video Editing

Project Brief

While shooting newest video for Frikom’s “Kapri" ice cream, there wasn’t “Kapri" branded ice cream tricycle available so “Frikom" one was used on the shoot.

We were approached with task to replace the branding on tricycle in all the shots used in final edit.


The process included tracking all the shots and applying new texture. After that, we masked off areas that are hidden behind other objects. In the end, color was matched and we added shadows or flares to complete the shot.


We were very happy how the final product turned out. Watching the video, it blended in naturally and it’s hard to notice that it was tampered with. You can see the before / after screenshots below and final video on Frikom YouTube channel. Our edits begin at 0:29.


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